September 17, 2014



Why We Advocate

Giving and volunteering alone cannot solve Fresno County’s most pressing community needs. Public policy can be a significant catalyst for change and that is why advocacy is one strategy that UWFM employs in its ongoing efforts to improve the lives of local people. United Way’s advocacy work is focused on improving the systems that shape community conditions to help individuals and families achieve financial stability and independence.


HEALTH:Improve Health for All Californians

  1. Increased health coverage and care for all low to moderate-income children, families and adults in California
  • Medi-Cal for approximately 170,000 undocumented children will be implemented in an efficient manner so children have timely access to high-quality, comprehensive health and dental coverage and care leading to the best possible health outcomes.
  • Improved access to comprehensive, quality care from the start for pregnant mothers, infants and toddlers to ensure a healthy beginning in life.
  • Outreach, education, enrollment and renewal efforts must be broad, easy to understand, constantly improved and lead to substantial enrollment into and retention of coverage for all of California’s diverse populations.
  • Affordable, quality coverage options need to be available to all Californians, regardless of immigration status

EDUCATION: Help Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential

  1. Children enter school ready to learn
  • Early learning and school readiness (preschool) opportunities will be available to all children.

2. Increase percentage of students who graduate ready for higher education or are workforce ready

  • Comprehensive literacy programs will be available to all schools ensuring that students are reading proficiently by 4th grade.
  • Investments will be made in nutritional and physical fitness programs, basic tools, wrap-around services, and mentoring services resulting in a successful transition to middle school.

INCOME: Promote Asset Building and Financial Stability

  1. Income supports for working families and individuals
  • Low-income California families and individuals will have the income supports they need to ensure they can get to work, provide the basics for their families and build towards financial stability.
  • Eliminate obstacles and disincentives for low-income people working to improve their futures.

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Susan Good
Regional Advocacy Coordinator

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. LIVE UNITED