Online training option

Link and Learn is the online certification system for VITA. Quick tips:

  • You can start your tests at any time, save your progress, and return to them later.
  • There isn’t any time limit for the tests.
  • You have 2 attempts at each certification!
  • Before you start any in-class training, be sure to complete the first two certification tests: the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Exam (i.e. Ethics test) and the Intake/Interview Exam (another short 10 question test).

To get started, you can follow the “Getting Started” guide below to create an account!

Link & Learn Taxes- Getting Started (PDF) this document will assist you in creating a login all the way through the certification process.

TaxSlayer (Software) Training

TaxSlayer is the NEW software used nationwide for the IRS VITA program. Visit our TaxSlayer webpage to access the webinars and learn how to use the software

Training homework and practice

Below are links to tutorials on various subjects. Each tutorial includes information on the topic as well as practice questions.

  1. Interest Income
  2. Dependents
  3. Filing status
  4. Exemptions
  5. Standard deduction
  6. Education credits
  7. Earned Income Tax Credit

Additional Resources:

Videos: Courtesy of United Way of the Bay Area; Earn it, Keep it, Save it.

Earn It! Keep It! Save It! Overview Video – learn about UWFM and the important work you are a part of as a volunteer!

Intake and Interview Process Video – watch how one UWFM VITA site handles the client intake and interview process before preparing a tax return.

Wrapping Up the Tax Return Video – check out how one UWFM VITA site wraps up the tax return process.

Why Save– this five minute training video for UWFM volunteers discusses how you can help encourage taxpayers to save all or part of their refund

How to Save– this five minute training video for UWFM volunteers discusses the process at the tax site of saving a taxpayer’s refund

2016 Publication 4012  – also known as the Volunteer Resource Guide

Pub 5157A Affordable Care Act (ACA) Scenarios – practice scenarios for working with clients and different health coverage information you will see at the site

Other publications

Link to Publication 17