September 14, 2016


Training Resources

Link and Learn

If you are a returning VITA volunteer or experienced tax preparer you have the option of certifying online through Link and Learn.
You can access Link and Learn through the IRS website at

Link & Learn Instructions (PDF) – this document will assist you in creating a login all the way through the certification process.

Link and Learn Fact Sheet (PDF)– this fact sheet from the IRS will answer standard questions about accessing and certifying through Link and Learn.

Practice Lab Fact Sheet (PDF)– this document will help you log into Practice Lab, which you can use to prepare for the certification questions.

Training homework and practice

Below are links to tutorials on various subjects. Each tutorial includes information on the topic as well as practice questions.

  1. Wage and Tip Income 
  2. Interest Income 
  3. Dependents 
  4. Filing status
  5. Exemptions
  6. Standard deduction
  7. Education credits
  8. Earned Income Tax Credit

Intake & Quality Review Sheet
Volunteer Assistor’s Test F6744 2014 Test (to be distributed at training)
2013 Fact Sheet
2013 Link & Learn Fact Sheet
Certification Tests: Getting Started
Volunteer Resource Guide 4012 (to be distributed at training)
Training Guide 4491
Problems & Exercises 4491W (to be distributed at training)
Volunteers Standards of Conduct – Ethics Training

VITA Training Guide 4491

Student Training Guide

Training Workbook: Problems and Exercises

Publication 4491X Training Supplement Guide

The Volunteer Resource Guide

Training Guide for the Health Savings Account (HAS)

Volunteer Standard of Conduct & Ethics Training